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Welcome Back: How We Got Hazie

When I first started HazieThoughts in 2011 it was for one reason and one reason only; prove people wrong. Who or what I was trying to prove wrong has changed during these last eight years.

At first it was my college professor George Miller, he was the first person who told me to go out and create the news I wanted to see. He probably never thought of me after that first semester but that challenge played a huge role in why we’re here.

While George Miller deserves credit so does that girl that told me my friends and I were just not it, her words, “You and your friends are just big fish in a small pond.” I was an asshole to her so those words probably were deserved, but whether she knew it or not that was fuel to at first prove her wrong but as time has gone by it has also been fuel to see if she was right.

The blog has always been central to HazieThoughts but a year after I started writing a good friend of mine Myles asked me one day during a smoking session if I ever thought of videotaping these discussions? I had never. It was Myles though, and his push to take our hotbox sessions public that began High Codes.

High Codes wasn’t an internet success by any stretch but it was fun to create something with the homies.

Then we just stopped.

I kind of lost the desire and decided finding an adult job was more important than silly youtube videos and I guess all my friends thought the same because there wasn’t much push back to keep it going. We fast forward to 2017 and I decided early that year that I wanted to do High Codes again but differently this time. First thing I did was text Mook and while I can’t remember the exact conversation that led to us finally deciding on embarking on that journey it was during Black History Month.

Once Mook was on board our next job was to get James “Omatic” on board, better known as the sound man.

He agreed and we were off and running. Sixty-nine episodes later, I think we may keep this going.

So today marks I guess what is the next chapter in the eight year journey of HazieThoughts. What’s new about this chapter? Well nothing really, but we have revamped our website that has our blog, podcast and online store brought to you all in one place.

When I created my first ever WordPress blog the tagline for HazieThoughts was “Eventually someone will listen” I hope you’re that someone

Stay Hazie

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