Hazie Thoughts x High Codes | Someone will listen eventually.


HIGH, We’re Hazie.

Someone will listen eventually.

HazieThoughts began back in 2012 solely as a blog site focusing on getting out our (Hazie) thoughts to the world, no matter how controversial, niche or unpopular. 

The site was also a place to freely and openly discuss marijuana at a time where the public feelings weren’t as inviting as they are today. Discussions revolved around advocacy for legalization and who has the best strands to smoke. 

However, as marijuana has become legal throughout many states in the US and various countries around the world, Haziethoughts focus has shifted to turning people onto the stories and issues they wouldn’t consider or look at through a certain viewpoint. 

Today Haziethoughts functions as more than just a blog. Haziethoughts is a brand, the brand sells merchandise as well as produces the podcast “High Codes The Podcast”. 

HazieThoughts is for those who won’t allow their stories to be silenced. 

About High Codes the Podcast

Chuck (@TheFrugalScribe) & Mook (@TheeGreatHim) host a podcast on everything; they have no limit nor a filter whatsoever. Edited by @OmaticsZone.

Listen on any of your favorite platforms and become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/high-codes/support

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