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I Thought About by LB199X


Usually in this day and age with new music consumers seem to judge all too quickly about the status of a project. Me personally, I take my time. When it finds me it finds me, except for when a life long friends drops a project I’ve been heavily anticipating for months. Before I get too deep into this let me preference my statement by saying I will be as completely unbiased as I can be.

I’ve know LB for almost, if not more, than a decade. I’ve seen many artists in that time frame, all from different walks of life, all individually trying to perfect their craft. One thing that separates most from obtaining their ultimate goal is, a drive.A desire to make it. A will to want to be great. LB maybe the only artist I know that has this. You can ask anyone that’s ever asked me how I felt about his artistry and music and my response was probably along the lines of “he’s the only artist I know that works on his crafts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.” Til this day, this statement stands true. You can even hear him basically talk about it when he stopped by to talk to us on Session 49 of High Codes The Podcast

“I Thought About It” the EP is probably the most truthful installment LB199X has given from his growing catalog of music. Though only five tracks, it precise and to the point. LB starts the tape off with a couple up beat tracks that you would think are the bangers and solely bangers but they’re more than that. He’s talking about the loss of loved ones, depression, asking for love and many more emotions spoken to us over his mellow tone. The back half of the tape he slows it down to a time signature and low bass/heavy drum beats that I personally love, coupled with a few great features. All I can say is, truly listen to his words to honestly understand the message he’s trying to convey and you’ll be able to tap into the mind of this young rapper.

Being as though I was apart of a minor process of this project, it is always good seeing the end result in its truest form and seeing it be received as how it has been thus far. LB199X definitely kicked the year off right with this tape but he is no where near finished, trust me I know. Be sure to be on the lookout for new projects sooner than later, as well as shows throughout the East Coast and Mid West.

Listen to “I Thought About It’ by LB199X Here!

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