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Hazie Thought #6: Thank You

According to Merriam-Webster the first known use of the word thanks dates back to before the 12th century meaning kindly or grateful thoughts: gratitude.

In our day and age we use the common phrase “Thank You” to express these same feelings and thoughts. While thank you is used more so as an appreciation for something that has been done or said to us, the gratitude hasn’t left.

Because the first two months of the year have been good to me and many of those close to me I thought I’d say thank you.

First off thank you to God. Older I get the more I realize that God is here and even if you and I don’t believe in the same God, believing in something outside of ourselves is important, in my opinion.

Thank you to my parents for letting me be. I never felt like they forced me to do or be anything and for me personally that’s what I needed. I couldn’t imagine today without everything from the past and they’re responsible for much of it.

Thank you to my izm brothers. It’s crazy that we’re going on a decade of friendship. We were really just 16 and now guys have homes, careers, and shit Fatman the best father I know outside of mine. Each one of you has brought something important to my life and helped me become a better friend, brother and man. Truly appreciative for you guys.

Thank you to all my other friends who aren’t in izm. Gabe, Kese, Garland, I know i’m missing so many more but you guys are great friends and always have supported and challenged me even when I may not have wanted it. Thank you.

A special thank you to Foley and Taylor. I probably put a lot of my emotional baggage on you guys and never once do you guys make me feel bad about it (definitely will shame me though lol) People make platonic friendships between men and women seem impossible and it wasn’t for my friendship with you guys, who knows man. So thank you for being friends.

Thank you to Kaitlyn because you’ve trusted me and believed in me when you didn’t have too and honestly probably shouldn’t have but five years later and I think we’re doing pretty good. I told you recently that no matter where this life takes us I’ll always care about you as a person and those words still ring true. Thank you, I’ll say it many more times but I just thought you should have it in writing too :)

Thank you to friends and lovers who have come and gone. While we still may not be connected those lessons were valuable and I wouldn’t change that past if I could.

Even those who dislike me or I dislike you, thank you. I’m sure some good banter has come from it and if not, laugh about it because I probably don’t really care and neither do you.

I’m surely missing people but once again, thank you. Thank you to everyone and hopefully you’'re thankful for knowing me too.

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