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Hazie Thought #3: Love, Relationships & Sex on Valentine’s Day

This is the season of love and romance, Disney princess fairytales and popular love songs are on the menu. Not all of us are looking to be part of the love’s greatest holiday. Where’s the representation for the people who just want to fuck?

When you first meet a person and you find them attractive what’s the first thing that crosses your mind?

Do you wonder if you’ve just met the love of your life? Maybe love at first sight? What about a more primitive urge, like do I want to fuck you? It could also be something less forever or horny, would she be my girlfriend?

These scenarios also may never cross your mind, or even when they do not exactly how I’ve described. Not everyone is looking for love and that can’t be stressed enough . I’m of the mindset that love, sex and relationships are all independent of each other. One doesn’t have to be in love to have sex nor does one have to be in a relationship to be in love. However, when together these three things are enjoyed so much more.

I could bore you with tales of past loves, sexual encounters and failed relationships. However, being messy isn’t part of the season. Plus discretion is key.

Every year on the fourteenth of February though there will be public displays of love and relationships, with millions of people going out their way to display love and affection. While many other millions will be trying to compensate with sex, and hopefully not alone. So don’t feel bad if you’re not in the spirit of love and romance, there’s still sex.

While there’s no real good advice for how the unloved or lonely should get through the day, here are some words from one my brothers that may help “If that your thing, do your thing but if that’s not ur thing then don’t do that thing. Ya know?”

Stay Hazie

charles abankwa