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More Prayers means More Insanity

Religion has nothing to do with the fact that Americans are getting slaughtered in Wal Mart’s, garlic festivals and schools across the United States but it will be the reason why things don’t change. 

Insanity is defined in the dictionary as extreme foolishness or irrationality

This past weekend 29 people were killed in two separate mass killings in the United States. One in Ohio one in California. 

Mass murders are quite common in the US, depending on how you define mass murder (this time article defines mass murder as an incident where three or more people were killed making 2019 total 57) there were 250 mass murders prior to the two incident that took place this weekend.

These type of killings are so commonplace that there’s a blueprint as to how we as a society handle them. 

Step one, find out whether the shooter is white or not. If so, step two, send thoughts and prayers. Step three, ask what can be done to change or stop mass murders but never enact meaningful gun control. 

Some things that can be done. Asking whether or not video games are to blame, looking into the state of mental health in the country and in extreme times asking whether or not his troubled background played a part. 

It sucks that the entity that is God has to get involved in such human affairs but here we are, another mass shooting and another round of excuses as to why, and how God will be with us all in these tragic times. Thoughts and prayers are excuses and a way for us to not focus on matters that could help fix the situation such as gun legislation. 

To call the reactions cowardly would be disingenuous in my opinion, for them to be cowardly those spewing them would have to have a moral component to their character. These people don’t have one and that’s why they can continually say “thoughts & prayers” or ask whether or not we need to take a look into how video game industry is at fault for murders. 

The United states of America has decided and quite long ago (Sandy Hook/Congress baseball game shooting) that mass murders at the hands of white men isn’t a pressing issue. Elected officials in particular have told us with their actions that being killed by a white guy doesn’t move the needle like let’s say throwing water on police

So please don’t mistake our current reality of gun violence & mass murders as something that only can be fixed through thoughts and prayers or even the help of a higher power. 

All it would take is for elected officials and famous citizens to care just as much about Americans being killed doing everyday activity as they do police getting wet. 

charles abankwa